Believe me or not, although I am French, we never did “French Toasts” at home aka “Pain Perdu”. My partner (who is not French) wanted to try and now he loves alternating with that and our Beloved Choco Protein pancakes on Sundays (save this recipe HERE) so I am sharing how we are doing it if you fancy trying this morning!

Cooking: 5mins – Prep: 5mins – Type: Vegetarian – Cost: low.

Portions: 2-4 pieces / person for breakfast. We go for 4 pieces each which fills us in for 4-5hours. Winner strategy for weight management, blood sugar balance, insulin levels 😉

Ingredients for 8 pieces
8 Organic Brioche / GF bread slices
4 Eggs
1/4 cup vegan milk to taste
1 TBS Cinnamon (balances your blood sugar & insulin levels)
Some Coconut oil for cooking


Warm up the non-sticky pan and add half a teaspoon coconut oil
Mix up eggs, cinnamon and milk in a cup (no blender needed)
Poor the mixture in a flat ish container
Soak a slice or 2 for 1 mn then place it in the pan, let it cook/get brown ish for 1 min, flip to the other side for 1min or less!

Optional Topping: Melted dark choco, Unsweetened nut butter or Local Raw Honey for a sweet version or Melted Vegan cheese / Guacamole / Turkey slices for a savoury version

HINT: Brioche is the yummiest for its sweet taste BUT rarely gluten and dairy free so this is kinda of a cheat meal for us but at least it’s great organic quality flour which we are less subject to react to. For GF bread, i suggest Rice based for a sweeter taste

🥞>>>Do you like French toast?