Client Success Stories

Before working with Audrey, I struggled managing my diet during the day (eating too little), nibbling a lot in the evening and waking up at night to eat! After just one “POWER HOUR” session with Audrey, I was able to re-balance my diet during the day in a way that works with my hectic schedule. Cravings and hunger during the night vanished and I also feel less tired. I felt immense joy and satisfaction when I noticed I no longer needed sugar before bed, which was previously impossible !! I learned to eat better, thanks to Audrey’s very simple blood sugar and metabolic balance methods. I now know exactly what to put in my plate! I feel much better in my body and mind thanks to Audrey. I enjoyed working with Audrey because she is a very good listener who immediately understood what I needed. To anyone considering working with Audrey, I’d say don’t hesitate if you want to feel better in your body & mind! Very good experience for me, a big thank you to Audrey for everything. – Cindy Paupardin, “Power Hour”

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Before working with Audrey on the Transformation Programme I was experiencing anxiety about my diet, my body, my mental health, having just been out of the lockdown, which I spent rather unhealthily both in terms of my diet and mind/mood. Audrey has helped me look into my diet, previous history of my relationship with food and certain conditions and not only provide advice and guidance on what could be done differently, what to change, what to do more of/less of, but bring structure into how I look at foods and how I should approach my diet as well as set my mind on the right path. She made me feel and believe that I can and I will be better to myself and for myself. Audrey has also been of great help with my emotional worries, related to diet/body image. I have really been enjoying working with Audrey and found it extremely valuable and motivating, which helps me everyday and I feel that with every day I am a step closer to who and where I want to be  Jenny Korotkova

Before starting the Kick Start programme with Audrey, I was experiencing low self-esteem in the way I looked, and I did not feel comfortable in my skin. I had trouble going to sleep and abdominal pain, cramping and bloating after eating. I knew I needed to make a change to become a better version of myself and to finally feel happy with the way I look and feel in myself. I just did not know how to turn the thought of a better me into action.
After only 1 month, my sleep quality has significantly improved. My tummy feels less uncomfortable after meals. I have increased my activity levels and enjoying going for walks. I have already noticed changes in my physical and emotional self, and I am excited to see what is more to come. I enjoy working with Audrey because she has gotten to know me, and what I am like as a person, and tailors her tips and advice to me personally; my schedule and working life. Subsequently, all the help she has provided has been sustainable and allowed me to be more consistent in my journey. I truly appreciate Audrey’s round the clock support; whenever I need some guidance, no matter how small, I WhatsApp her and she instantly provides support and finds ways to increase my confidence and mood! To anyone considering this programme, I’d say: accept where you are currently at, be willing to make sustainable changes, and remember, this is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change.
 – Aneeshka Nagpaul

Before working with Audrey on the Transformation program I had been suffering from a bloated and painful belly for almost a year. I tried many things to heal but nothing worked. We’ve also been working on my Level of Stress and anxiety. Since I started the program I have noticed I am less stressed, especially about minor issues. I also sleep better. My belly is less bloated and painful, most days which is a huge improvement. Also, some mornings I have the chance to gent my usual flat belly back and I’m very grateful for that. I enjoy working with Audrey because she’s a sunshine. She understands how I feel, my struggles too. I’m very grateful life has put her on my path. She always answers very quickly to every question I can have. If you’re asking yourself if you want to work with her, just go for it. The only risk you’re taking is becoming a better version of yourself– Floriance Tanguy

Please click HERE to view what Tifenn achieved in JUST 4 WEEKS!
Tifenn started on the Kick Start Programme and upgraded to the Transformation Programme after 8 weeks.

Before working with Audrey, I suffered from anxiety / stress, constant bloating, severe sweet cravings, esp milk chocolate, I could literally swallow up to 2 tablets every evening. Since I started the Programme, my anxiety & stress levels have significantly reduced with targeted nutrients/a re-balanced diet, more relaxation/meditation, and exercise. Bloating gone!

A HUGE achievement for me is that my cravings have disappeared whereas I was addicted to milk chocolate for years. Overall my mind & body feel the difference. I am much lighter and serene. As a result, my body has refined and I even lost a few pounds without really making a big effort just by changing some eating / lifestyle habits.

I love working with Audrey because she is truly here for you. She is a real coach both for mindset / empowerment and for sharing her wealth of knowledge. She truly adapts to each of your needs with caring attention – Tifenn Guillain

self confidence testimonial london

Audrey is totally wonderful. She has made a big difference in just 1.5months. I started out feeling incredibly self conscious, without respect for my body, and demotivated to make changes in my life. I had a sort of disconnect between who I wanted to be and my external image. Audrey has changed all of those. She has taught me that we are always in the driving seats of our lives. I am learning to roll with things outside of my control, and enjoy creating my own path.
My body feels stronger and I am more motivated to work out than ever. My mood swings cravings are gone. This is only the beginning, more will improve for me, and Audrey has helped me set up a foundation for that. She is a joy to chat to, cares for her clients, and has supported me in wonderful and hard times. I’d thoroughly recommend her. Thank you Audrey – peace out! 
. Lottie Swift

beat the cravings testimonal london

Before working with Audrey I was suffering from low energy levels, constant bloating, increased weight, mental exhaustion and anxiety that was manifesting in several physical symptoms. I couldn’t understand and felt completely overwhelmed which was obviously generating more anxiety. Vicious circle! I still have a long way to go to achieve my goals but in only a few weeks, and with diet changes alone, I lost 7kg and started feeling so much better in myself.

Audrey has really listened to me and always so supportive. Her positive outlook in life is contagious!

She approaches health in a multidimensional way, focusing on the body, mind, heart and spirit/energy. I’ve learned to look at myself as a whole being. She helped me identifying the crucial issues that were causing discomfort to my body and soul and gave me a toolbox to tackle them. Also I feel the changes I’ve made in my diet are for life.

She is very approachable, caring and makes you feel that she is always there for you. I’d highly recommend Audrey if you’re looking to became healthier and have a more balanced lifestyle – Helia Ramos

healthy habits testimonial london

Before working with Audrey, I had gained a bunch of weight and was really bad in my body, I had little to no energy and totally relied on food to uplift my mood. I felt swollen and unmotivated to do anything about it. After just a couple of sessions with Audrey I was already starting to see and feel a difference.
I lost 8kg in 4 weeks!!
I’m still holding on to the habits I’ve re-learnt and have found so much energy from just eating better. I feel more motivated to move too, and have more energy to do exercise. Highly recommend for anyone who’s in a slump and not sure how to get out of it! 
– Maya Pheobe Knight

Body mind soul transformation programme london

I was experiencing extremely low level of energy and feeling tired most of the time. My concentration was low and I was feeling bloated after almost every meal. I woke up multiple times during the night as well.
I was gaining weight more and more and it was really hard to lose the extra pounds making me really upset whenever I was trying to buy nice clothes in a shop. I knew I needed to exercise more but I felt too tired to do it.

Since I started the Transformation Programme, I have noticed a better sleep and I don’t experience those slump of energy during the day anymore. I can feel I am eating better as my body not only feels full but fuelled in the right way. I don’t feel bloated or sleepy after my meals. I feel stronger to say no to unhealthy treats without feeling as deprived as I would have thought before. I understand better the food I eat and why, making it easier to make the right choices. I can see and feel the pounds getting down steadily giving me an overall feeling of achievements.

I enjoy working with Audrey because she has a holistic approach that focus on the why and really makes you understand what needs to change at the base to really see improvements. I thought weight was my main issue; with Audrey I understood it was just the result of multiple micro aspects of my life. Together we discovered the causes and made a plan with little weekly changes easy and realistic to manage in my daily busy life. She supports me and listen to my challenges helping me find solutions and opportunities i couldn’t see before. We definitely still have lots of work to do but I am 100% confident we are moving in the right direction.
To anyone considering working with Audrey, I would say you will not regret it.

Working on the Transformation Programme is the best gift you could give to your future self. Together with Audrey you will have the once in your lifetime chance to get back your life the way you always wanted it to be. Go for it! – Gabriella Calvano

Mindset coach london

Before working Audrey I was experiencing negative thinking, bloating, stomach cramps, hormonal symptoms, a general lack of knowledge about food and no urge to create time for me to move forward to a healthier existence.

Since I started, I’ve made small dietary changes that made a big difference – and eliminated foods/drinks that did not serve me. The outcome is that I feel mentally stronger because I’m making time for ME. After our first session I could already feel a mindset shift, with someone like Audrey behind you who is both, kind, friendly and has a wonderful approach. As a mum of 3, it’s hard to always put yourself first but I made changes that work for me so that it becomes a habit long term.

There is no pressure from Audrey – she has a great way of making you feel like you’re the important one and deserve more. Emotionally I am feeling like I am worth the time I am spending on myself and will only become stronger. Physically, I’m much less bloated, no discomfort and can now feel the link between what I eat and how I feel in my head and the symptoms. Plus I now created the time to exercise regularly Audrey has made a huge difference in the way I think about myself.

I thoroughly recommend her. Audrey taught me it’s not only about your diet but how you value yourself, how important you are and where you want to be in your life journey and is it good enough right now?! Mine wasn’t, so I decided to go and see what I can do to change it.

I instantly connected with Audrey, working with her it feels like talking with a friend! To anyone considering working with Audrey, just DO IT!!
Your health is paramount and it benefits everyone around you in the long run.
Get in touch with her and you never know, you could actually change your life!!
– Mandy Tafler

I started working with Audrey on my Nutrition & Auto-Immunity disease and with Ash on my personal fitness out of concern for my long term health, and although we have only been working together for 6 months, it has already been an amazing transformation. I have a complex medical history, which they have both taken time to understand and help me improve aspects of my wellbeing that medical doctors wouldn’t take seriously. Thanks to personal training from Ash and nutritional advice from Audrey, I have come off of numerous, long term medications with no adverse side effects, my blood pressure, weight and daily energy levels have improved tremendously and my sense of wellbeing as skyrocketed. I would recommend anyone who is serious about improving their health and wellbeing, and dedicated to making meaningful change to work with them
 Rebecca Magnus

self esteem london

I am very happy to have encountered this amazing person and proud to working with her towards a better me!

Before starting the Transformation Programme, I was experiencing high level of stress, digestive problems and fatigue. I was so fed up of not feeling myself most of the time. Audrey is the most caring person, hardworking and an inspiration. She truly gives you the maximum attention during your sessions and goes the extra mile to make sure you enter a different mindset and evaluate your symptoms and problems from a different perspective.

Since I have started working with Audrey, my digestion has massively improved, my skin looks great, my stress levels have decreased, and I am feeling more in control of my life. Under Audrey’s coaching, I have now taken decisions to cut down what weighted me down the most and enjoying time for myself, like cooking and doing yoga. I have also organised my life in a way that I don’t feel overwhelmed by my emotions, and I am looking forward to what the future will bring.

I enjoy working with Audrey because she has helped me to see clearer, re-focus on what I REALLY WANT in life ,align my actions accordingly and has been able to coach me when I needed the most. She gave me the invaluable knowledge needed to start making changes.

If you’re thinking of working with Audrey, I would say just do it, you won’t regret it. You will get back 100 times what you invest.
You must be willing to put in the work with her and as soon as you start making the changes, the better. She will help you in any ways she can in order for you to succeed in your goals. Thank you Audrey – Sara Leoni

TranformaTotal Body and Mind transformation londontion Programe testimonials london

When I started the Transformation Programme 3 weeks ago I was experiencing exhaustion both mentally & physically, poor sleep, brain fog, low mood and low self-esteem with weight gain.
After visiting my doctors on numerous occasions with above symptoms and with blood tests coming back normal, I felt even worse and at a loss as to what was causing these symptoms. It is early days into the Transformation and I can already feel huge benefits.
My energy levels are improving + mood swings are becoming less and we are addressing issues with my gut, building up friendly bacteria and allowing the gut to heal. My outlook is more positive and less stressed & anxious. I was shocked to hear how an imbalance in your gut can cause you such problems. Still lots to do but really looking forward to working with Audrey over the next few months. Thank you Audrey for all you wisdom and support!”
 – Colleen Ware

Amazing health coach london

What has impressed me most about working with Audrey is her huge level of knowledge and ability to apply it in a helpful, educational and non-judgemental manner. I’ve been working with her over the last few months and whilst I considered myself to be a fairly healthy person, with a decent level of knowledge about food / diet / exercise, there is so much more to be gained from the support of a professional like Audrey.
I have become more aware of what factors affect both my physical, emotional and mental health and how the two are related.
I love working with Audrey because she is always so positive. Nothing seems to phase her and so I feel comfortable being open about my concerns. Even when some of the things we’ve worked on / talked about have been challenging, I look forward to every one of my sessions and wish I had done this a long time ago. I am very grateful for her support. If anyone is wondering whether this would be for them and whether to invest in a programme with Audrey, I’d say definitely YES. It is money well spent!
– Liza Hammerton

beat sugar cravings london

Before working with Audrey on the transformation programme, I was experiencing some hormonal imbalance, severe cravings and weight gain.
Since I started the programme, I found some inner peace and lost a few pounds. I exercise again and feel much better and energised than I used to. My silhouette progressively gets thinner. I enjoy working with Audrey because she is really supportive, available and encouraging. To anyone considering working with Audrey, I would recommend to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed –
 Stephanie Beauloye

solution to thyroid issues london

I booked a transformation programme with Audrey. Not only did I lose weight and lost my cravings, she was also able to help me with my thyroid issues. I feel much more energized and don’t have a bad conscious eating anymore. I enjoy the food I cook and now make healthier choices every day and incorporate them permanently. Thank you Audrey for all your advice and positive encouragement Its been a pleasure to meet you! – Deborah Hediger

dream body visualisation london

Since I’ve started with Audrey, I feel more in harmony with myself. It’s crazy to see that as soon as you start treating your body like someone you love then everything improves, energy, skin, weight, mood… I would never thanks her enough! Audrey is an amazing coach, she never judges you and gives you the keys for you to make your own path. Each person is different and she really respects that. If she feels you need time, she will respect it but equally never forgets about you. She’s really caring. I have a proper trust relationship with her and would recommend her my eyes closed as we say in French:-). Amongst the long list of big & little victories I’ve achieved so far.. reduced mood swings, boosted energy, real pleasure to eat healthy food, lost at least 2kg since (I learned it’s not all about the scale!), glowing skin/less spotty, better sleep. Working on my life vision with Audrey has made me realised some amazing things about where I wanted to take my life. – Lea Sauer

lifecoaching london

I have seen Audrey for over 2 years now, initially for massage, then nutrition advice and now coaching, I have always had a great experience and the coaching in particular has helped me a lot to become clearer about my priorities in life and how I can achieve these. Audrey has been super supportive in so many ways, making even tiny steps count, which has and continuous to be very encouraging.
can thoroughly recommend her
. – Ellen Nolte

positive life changes london

Working with Audrey was extremely beneficial, it made me understand how much proper nutrition can affect ,not only how I look and how I feel, but also other aspects of my life. She helped me realize how small changes in my daily life can bring big changes in my mindset. Before, I used to constantly feel tired and demotivated. I was feeling guilty for not taking care of my body but I was doing nothing to solve the pb, hiding behind excuses. I began to feel better since week 1. I never felt hungry, I actually ate more and was still losing weight! I loved the fact that behind her advice there was a scientific explanation. Now I feel full of energy, I feel so much better in my clothes but more importantly I feel confident and in control. Audrey is a very good listener, making you feel comfortable,like talking to a friend. Giving priority to your health actually means giving priority to yourself. Feeling better in your body can change the way you live everyday and this brings all sort of positive life changes – Eva Magnisali

beat the bloat london

Before working with Audrey on the Transformation Programme, I really struggled to have a full night of sleep. I was always tired and feeling anxious and stressed. On top of that, for my whole adult life, I have had issues with digesting food. And despite doing a wide range of tests no doctor has ever managed to diagnose or help me to improve my digestive system.
Since I started I’ve been sleeping much better and feeling more relaxed and happy. I also seem to have more energy to do exercise. We continue to work on my gut issues but just after 3 months I already feel much better than I have felt in a long time. And the beauty of it is that I continue to eat delicious food suggested by Audrey so I don’t feel I am missing out.
Working with Audrey is a real pleasure and I always look forward to our sessions. Audrey is always very positive, full of energy. I love the fact that she never tells me what to do. Instead, she works with me to find more positive and healthier solutions for me.
To anyone considering doing the Transformation Programme, I would say that the investment of time and money will be invaluable for years to come. In only three months working with Audrey I have resolved issues that I have been having during my whole adult life. I now sleep much better than I have ever done before. I have a much better understanding of what foods affect my gut and working with Audrey I have identified other delicious food alterative that is much better for me.
I feel better and look better and the knowledge I have gained by working with Audrey is really priceless. Thank you, Audrey. You rock!” – 
Paulo Gomes


Francesca Mcgourty’s Inspiring and Powerful Journey

Fran has achieved Life changes (much more than just weight and inches loss!) after 24 Weeks on our Transformation Programme. She is such an inspiration and has powered through her own challenges with a positive, and determined attitude.

“When I came to Audrey, I was feeling fat and miserable. I also suffered from headaches, migraines, acne, sweating on the face and cravings which was really getting to me. I felt lost with everything you see on social media. Working with Audrey has been a game changer. It has led to such a huge improvement in my life, in my mood, I feel so happier about myself, healthier and I have 4 times more energy, better concentration and a lot less fatigue. I’ve lost more than 10kgs without ever feeling hungry or deprived (having some treats and some wine!), I dropped 2 dress sizes and 6 cms waist circumference. I also learned to reward myself with “Me” time and do things I enjoy instead of use food as comfort. Audrey has supported me through stressful and emotional times. When I did used to feel low, I would binge eat. I am not an emotional eater anymore.”

How did Fran achieve these results…

“By following the programme and making small changes bit by bit, the weight and inches were slowly dropping off. It’s not a quick fix or a diet, it’s healthy eating so it’s not shifting overnight but this is definitely the way to go for lasting results and I was prepared to take on that journey. Eating well is now a second nature to me. It also led to a huge reduction in acne and facial sweating which was embarrassing for me so this has also boosted my confidence.

Audrey discovered I had food intolerances. I eliminated dairy and massively reduced gluten. I actually didn’t find that too hard as there are lots of alternatives. Giving up Dairy has hugely helped with my headaches, migraines, acne and improved my quality of life.

I did think Audrey had her work cut out with me as I didn’t like cooking, love sugary foods and can be lazy, I also work all over and I can be on the move a lot, but with slow baby steps, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong things had to change, but it wasn’t as drastic as I had feared.”

What I really liked about Audrey

“The first meeting with Audrey we discussed, ‘Me’ and my whole lifestyle, not just food. I was embarrassed about how I had let things get this far but Audrey was really lovely and it was easy to open up to her. I’ll always remember when she said “Baby steps”. I feel this can be applied to so much in my life and it removes that overwhelming feeling when you feel like you have to tackle everything at once.

Audrey is always so positive and encouraging. She’s willing to work in a way that suits you. For example if I preferred texting then she would text and If I wasn’t comfortable or unsure on something she wouldn’t push me. It’s always “my choice” with her guidance. I think it’s a fantastic approach as I wasn’t pushing back and it was all about how it would fit into my lifestyle and routine.

Any obstacle I needed to overcome Audrey is always there. I feel so comfortable asking Audrey any questions, even if I think they might sound stupid, she’s always so happy to give the best advice possible.

So glad I invested in myself, 400% worth it!

A huge thank you to Audrey for going above and beyond what I ever imagined I would get from a nutrition & health coach! Although I’ve achieved my initial goals, I will continue working with her to be the best version of myself for the future.”


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– Learn how to work in harmony with their body (not against it), and
– Ultimately give them the secrets to sustain their HAPPY weight (without deprivation and frustrations)
– Overall health and happiness

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