Everything changed when I:

  • Started to learn how to read ingredients lists /labels and stopped putting IN and ON my body products that are considered toxic “By My” body
  • Started to treat my body like my Soul Mate
  • Learned what my body needs to function at its best and FUEL it accordingly (including before & after exercise)
  • Stopped basic cardio and transitioned to “educated” Strength & Conditioning
  • Stopped (or massively reduced) inflammatory foods & drinks and Swapped for anti-inflammatory nourishing ones- Stopped dehydrating drinks and swapped for
  • hydrating food & drinks
  • Started to become CONSISTENT and PATIENT with my new work-out routine and stopped my intensive back to back cardio classes over 2 days because I was
  • working 7-9pm most week-days and wanted to compensate…
  • Started to reduce known & unknown sources of Stress
  • Learned how and why it is so crucial to “ELIMINATE” properly and have a regular toilet activity:-)

And lots of other tweaks I made over time while figuring out WHAT WORKS BEST FOR ME ✨
I teach ALL OF THAT, and so much more, to my VIP clients. ✨

I am conscious that not everyone can hire a coach to work 1-2-1 and I truly want to help driven women to achieve this …..
WITHOUT being on a restrictive diet that kills their vibe +metabolism,
WITHOUT counting calories or weighting their food,
WITHOUT spending hours in the kitchen (because who’s got time for all that?!?!)
And so I am in the process of creating online workshops and online course to
cover these topics.
Does that sound like a good idea?
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