Did you know that about 80% of your Immune System resides in your Gut (aka tummy)? And the healthier is your gut is, the healthier you actually are and look?

Who else’s got caught by a flu?🙋‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I am hardly ever getting anything. Last time was a “Bali Belly” 🤢 when we were living in Bali a year ago. This time it is not the cold weather either as it’s pretty warm in Aix en Provence but the usual end of year run down + over-indulgences = lowering immune defences = nasty bugs proliferating. I was fine until I go back to CrossFit and get “contaminated” by my lovely training partners

Flu or not, it’s worth reading further to make sure you get those foods in to maintain a solid immune/gut health all year long. Check my stories for more tips.

By immune boosting we also mean anti-inflammatory so if you are low in energy, experiencing cravings, food intolerances, unhappy weight/belly fat, living a hectic lifestyle, stressed / anxious, exercising a lot or too little, suffering from asthma, skin conditions or any form of arthritis then you must eat those superfoods mother earth gave us.

As much as possible I suggest to rely on a Healthy diet + Lifestyle BUT sometimes we need extra help. Here are the supplements I usually take (discounts & links in bio / comments):

⦁ Some vitamin D & Echinacea {while we are in Europe}
⦁ Ukon Turmeric Kangen supplement
⦁ My go to Probiotic supplement when needed
⦁ High strength Omega 3
⦁ AND of course Magnesium (co-factor in > 300 metabolic reactions in the body including nervous system, energy production).

HINT: These supplements should be part of your must have at home by the way so ditch the over-the counter drugs such as ibuprofen, cold & flu tablets and painkillers as they might do the job quickly in the short term but ultimately weaken your body. Your body will ALWAYS deal better with natural products it recognises and uses holistically as opposed to chemical based products.

1/ Ginger
Ginger root contains natural compounds called Gingerols which have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties. Ginger is known to help soothe and relax your intestinal tract, relieve nausea and reduce pain. Research also suggests that it may have thermogenic properties to boost your metabolism hence helping with energy and healthy weight loss too! Peel some fresh ginger (not from china) and sprinkle over your food or pour over boiled filtered water to brew a fresh mug of ginger tea and enjoy its benefits!

2/ Garlic
Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic. Allicin – garlic’s main compound – contains antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties that work to fight and prevent infection, by blocking the enzymes that lead to such conditions. Not only that, but garlic is bursting with vitamins A, B and C which have healing effects on the circulatory, immunological and digestive system. Chop, mince or puree to release the full healing power of the clove and eat it raw in salads or sprinkled over (already) cooked meals!

3/ Red Bell Pepper
Raw red bell pepper contains three times the amount of Vitamin C than an orange! Vitamin C is critical for building and maintaining a strong immune system and aiding recovery from colds and flu. Not only does it fight off any bad bacteria, but its antioxidant properties neutralise free radicals so that the immune system is even stronger and ready to fight off its enemies! Try cutting into long thin slices and creating a home-made rainbow slaw to add a splash of colour back into your life!

4/ Turmeric
Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, reduces pain and can help protect against cancer. Research shows that high concentrations of curcumin can help decrease exercise-induced muscle damage. It’s one of the foods with the highest anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the cause of many chronic diseases that cause health to deteriorate so Turmeric is really your anti-inflammatory superhero. BUT there is a trick! Curcumin’s bioavaibility is poor so not only you’d need to eat a lot daily but to get its benefits in cooking for example you’d need to cook it with coconut oil or grass-fed ghee butter (non-vegan option), black pepper and ginger for maximum absorption. I personally combine this and my UKon Turmeric Kangen supplement.

5/ Sweet Potato
Sweet potato is packed full of beta-carotenes – important in the growth and defence of immune cells, as they help to fight and prevent the effects of colds or flu. Sweet potato is also a great source of vitamin A, which the body needs to build white blood cells and fight off infection. Steam, Boil, bake, mash, or slice into chips!

6/ Kimchi
Kimchi is a popular korean fermented food, source of vitamin A, C and B. While recipes vary it normally contains fermented cabbage, carrots and other vegetables as well as spices including garlic, ginger, chilli. It contains probiotics which help build up the good bacteria in your gut, reducing the body’s inflammatory responses, and preventing the build-up of bad bacteria which can cause illness or infection. Use 1 or 2 servings with your main meal to spice it up and get your immune boost!

Staying strong & healthy from the inside out throughout the year can be a challenge especially if you live a hectic lifestyle, and/or travelling a lot but making SMALL & CONSISTENT changes to your diet can make a MASSIVE difference.

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