☘No restrictive detox, diet or juicing, nothing fancy #sorrynotsorry#, just 1 simple nourishing step☘

I don’t know about you but this travelling family xmas holiday messed up with my routine! Does anyone feel me on this??

If your holiday were like mine, it was a bit draining in all aspects including emotionally (always stuff coming up with family gatherings🙄…).

Good news!! It’s actually easy to get back on track, with ease and grace without guilt!!

Which SIMPLE TIP BELOW can you action TODAY?
Pick ONE, yes just 1!

Tip 1: Do what makes you feel good!

And will serve you to go back to great habits quicker!
There is a difference between kicking your ass to show up at the gym to then feel highly energised (positive aligned choice) and forcing yourself to do things you won’t be in the mood for (negative misaligned energy). Yesterday me & my body were not in the mood for a WOD class so I did it on my own at my pace but still surrounded of like minded people which lifts me up

Tip 2: Sleep more!!!

Start by an extra 15mns and build up. You would be surprised to feel how much extra sleep can do to your weight esp “fat belly”, hormones, mood, digestion, energy, strength, skin, sharpness, clarity,… Sleep is the BEST SELF CARE I know of for your body mind and soul.

Tip 3: Gut TLC

In my stories, I shared a few tips – ie 1 TB Apple cider vinegar in filtered/Kangen water 20mns before meal to stimulate digestive enzymes naturally (best to use a straw to avoid damaging your teeth as ACV / even lemon is very acidic)

Tip 4: Get Back to exercise NOW

Even 15 mins can make a massive difference so no excuse!

Tip 5: More Digestive Help

I personally re-started fasting 2*week – nothing fancy, when I don’t train or train at lunchtime I just postpone my breakfast and drink tons of kangen water. When I can, I fast 12-14 hours (sleep 8hours+ water only for 4-6 hours).

Tip 6: Get rid of the old 2019 energy

Anything or anyone (#sorrynotsorry#) you need to let go of to create room for “new” positive energy in your life? Clothes, papers, relationships…

Start with ONE thing today. There are tons more you could do of course but check these basics first and go from there.

Follow my stories for more inspo on how how I manage to get back into the swing of things quickly

Hope you find it helpful?