Have you been travelling for xmas holiday or travel a lot in general, like me and you struggle to eat healthy?

Yeah? Cool, keep reading girl🙌

First rule, never assume you will find “healthy food” in trains, planes, bus stations while travelling😆. Always anticipate… If you follow my stories, you know we have started a special Europe trip by train with my partner (final destination to be guessed in my stories😉) – with sometimes 17hrs on and off trains.

Here are a few tips & strategies to keep eating healthy(ish) on the go!

I managed to find healthy stuff all the way by:

1- stocking up healthy food/snacks from home & water (#kangenwater or #filteredwater if possible) 🙋‍♀️I got quinoa/lentils salad, dark choco, clementine, apples, protein bars.
2- refilling /drinking more water💦 and herbal teas in the lounge area if you travel first/business class (I find they often offer more healthier options)
3- Having healthy-ish food in the bar wagon when any, top up with my healthy stuff and keep some of what I bought for later (kept in cool temperatures) cuz you never know what you will find afterwards!
4- opening my eyes wider when we had a bit of spare time while changing train. Our last stop, I found a healthy DYI + Freshly made on the day salad corner in a mini market!! 🙋‍♀️I got quinoa, egg, tuna, edamame salad with avo sauce on the side for €5.99😲

I could even get a chia seed pudding (always aim to have enough fibers to avoid Constipation🚽AND proteins + healthy fats to keep you full for longer 😁) –

You can do this!! –

Just make it a fun mission to eat healthy most of the time (80%), even when travelling. 20% of the time you can have cheat meals when you want or when you don’t have the choice. This way you easily and quickly go back on track, feel better in your own skin and less tempted to totally let yourself go. .
Check my Insta Highlights & stories for more snacks & meals inspo🙏😋