I wish I had known this years ago…
Before I reveal the secret, let me tell you I used to be in a scarcity mindset for many things, more than I knew, including Money.
I’ve been on a self-development journey for a while (I believe it is a life long journey) but more intensively for the last 9 months and it has helped me tremendously in my private and business life.
It has empowered me to share with people and my private clients how I managed to shift my mindset and redirect my focus & energy to manifest more of what I want in Life.
And although my old relationship with Money, specifically, is still catching me at times as we continue growing our online businesses and investing, I have rewritten my money story, locked in my vision and hang on to that as much as I can, letting go more and more of what does not serve me so that I can create space to receive more of what I want.

💚The Secret to be Wealthy & Abundant in ALL areas of your life is to believe You Already Are

Wealth attracts Wealth.
Lack attracts Lack.
💫That’s the Law💫

The principle is that Likes attracts Likes basically, so you can apply it to pretty much any area of your life.
In other words, you can NOT think, act and operate from a Scarcity mindset about something and receive Abundance of it because energetically you are literally blocking and pushing it away from the start!!

The thing is you might not realise you are doing it. So I will give you a clue: think of what you wish you had (more of) in your life?
Think of what you feel you don’t have enough of?
Not looking good enough
Not enough time?
Not enough Love?
Not enough money?
Not in a relationship
I will never have this body
I can’t enjoy food and be leaner
I can’t do this, it’s not for people like me
Money does not grow on trees – You have to work hard to earn money…

Whatever comes up for you then chances are you are self-sabotaging yourself in that/those area(s).
And the longer you’ve been doing it for, the longer it may take to shift it.

The only way to change it is to first become aware that you are doing it (with a coach, a mentor or yourself) then you decide whether you actually want to change it or not! Once you decide to change it (Yay!!), the tricky part is how do I do this, how do I keep myself accountable, how do I make sure I work on it until I feel in a state of abundance (versus Scarcity).

It’s only as we grow up that we develop beliefs and habits that keep us in a state of receiving abundance OR blocking it.

Are you ready to manifest the body or the life you desire?
Are you ready to receive more?
Are you ready to be wealthier in all areas of your life (health, money, purpose, freedom,…)?
If you feel 1:1 coaching is more what you need for a customised support, accountability & step by step guidance, cool I would love to connect😊 and if your interested you can apply for a free 30-Mins Chat with me

If you’d like to be mentored to create a freedom lifestyle like my tribe and I did, private message me. I am here to serve😉

PS: And remember what you might have forgotten (like me and many others at times): Having it all is your Birthright!!

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