You know how much I am into proper Clean Water and Cellular Hydration given our body is made up +70% water💦
Watercress deserves a whole blog in itself but here are a few reasons you should grab some and make it your daily drink when you can!

  • super hydrating
  • detoxyfing (part of the cruciferous veggies such as kale, broccoli but also contains Chlorophyll)
  • nutrient dense while low calorie
  • ease digestion and absorption with its digestive enzymes content
  • muscle relaxant with its magnesium content (including your stomach muscles for better elimination to the external world…)
  • anti-oxydant (thus anti-aging)
  • immune boosting with high vitamin c and flavonoids content
  • super high in vitamin K so amazing for regulating blood calcium, bone metabolism, blood clotting

Yes, Organic Kale is a superfood but so is Watercress! It is often overlooked. Think of it next time you shop as it is sometimes a cheaper alternative depending on where you live.

💦How to do your watercress frappe at home:
Although watercress soup is delicious, I recommend drinking it in a fresh juice and drink immediately to preserve its vitamins and minerals. I came across the following mix when i visited Laos last month and I loved the taste. I ordered a fresh juice from @Indigocafe and they do it with local lime and honey🐝.
To that, I would add a tea spoon of coconut as vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin.

Awesome healthy yummy surprise here in Laos. So grateful☘🍀🌱🙏

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