We’re officially half way through 2019 which means we still have 182 days+ to smash our goals this year Yay!!!

Seriously I feel I’ve been warming up for 6 months gearing for what’s coming. Am I where I wanted to be in all areas of my life? NOPE but it’s okay! Am I going to get there by 31 Dec 2019, HELL YES! Because I totally believe this is possible.

Today = DAY 1 of the next 6 months of your life, it’s precious and powerful beyond measure so I invite you to D.A.R.E :
DEFINE – Is your goal crystal Clear, Specific, Measurable & Exciting? Do you know who you need to become and how you need to act to have it and why?
ALIGN – Are you lazer focused and consistent, and do you take daily actions driving you towards or away from that goal? Is your goal aligned with your values and bigger vision?
REFINE – Keep Tweaking until you find your perfect combo

  • Continue or Do more of what has worked, fine-tune.
  • Reduce or stop what has not worked despite you consistently putting all the work and doing the “right things”
  • What do you need to SAY NO to, to let go of or delegate?
  • What do you NOW NEED TO SAY “YES” TO?
  • Where do you need support
  • What could you leverage so that you create a compound effect that pays you forward?’


EXPAND – Acknowledge and celebrate every wins along the way to build up momentum, high vibe, keep uplevelling from there
I always advise to reverse engineer and break it down to 90 days, 30 days, weekly, daily.

Don’t forget to:
~ Acknowledge EVERYTHING you have achieved for the first 6 months of the year and BE truly grateful for EVERYTHING you already have in your life,
And if you feel like you can’t be bothered to D.A.R.E today, do me a favour at least:
START doing ONE thing that will move you forward, one thing you’ve been willing to do for months, one thing you’ve been procastinating about.
STOP doing one thing that is burning you out or not serving you anymore.