…About Diet, Healthy Habits, Exercise, Personal life?

Na, It’s not because you are not capable of it, it’s not because you are not worthy, it’s not because these things only happen to you – so stop beating yourself with that BS, take a cuppa and read my blurb

It’s because you only scratched the surface and did not “invest” enough. The diamond diggers never find diamonds at the surface of the earth but deep into the earth. It’s the same for you beautiful.

Let me tell you something (and the science bit) about your cheeky Mind.
You might know your brain is made of 2 parts:

🤯The Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind
The Conscious Mind is only a small part, slower and very limited as to how much info it can take on per seconds.
For instance, if I ask you to give me the name of 7 brands of laundry liquid or cars in a few seconds you’d most likely struggle within that immediate time frame.

The Unconscious Mind (the big brother) however is the bigger part, very fast and can take on up to 40 billions bits of info per second.
What’s fascinating is that 95% up to 99% of your day is run by the Unconscious Mind, and the rest 1% to 5% is run by the Conscious Mind.

It means that a (reputable) 4 day detox retreat, 6 weeks health program, the book you read, the podcast you listen to are great to increase your awareness but not enough. In the same way that exercising from time to time is not gonna cut it.
It means that 95% to 99% of your day is run by your values, your beliefs, by the programmes that you run in your mind so they better be good😂
Bottom line, if you want true long-lasting transformation, you want to work with the big brother!!
So for instance in order for my clients to change the programmes, emotions and beliefs that don’t serve them, we first get to understand their model of the world, what has prevented them from getting what they want and increase their awareness about what it is they had no knowledge, understanding or realisations about.

Then they become “consciously competent” and start implementing, changing their habits. The aim being to optimise the 5% and fill it in with what they get to focus on to get closer to their goals. I use different techniques, therapies and tools for this from Nutritional Therapy to Coaching passing by the power of Gratitude Pratice, Journalling for instance – all customised to each of my clients.
But it has its limits as I said, so even when we have worked on that, there are still 95% OF THEIR LIFE literally run by their Unconscious Mind…😬
This is when we actually get to clean up the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that don’t serve them that we can instill positive emotions and empowering beliefs which they keep referring to and working on. Love using Time Line Therapy here, visualisation techniques and other cool stuff
Then Wooh Wooh we can finally get them to press on the accelerator, take consistent aligned actions and jump on the bullet train to their next destination🚊 – whatever it is that they want in any area of your life and keep blossom from there.
Working with someone who understands your “whole person” and who is actually qualified to guide you through this discovery and reprogramming journey is key.

You know why?
Not only because you will get the results (as long as you are committed to doing the work, be coachable and not give up) but also because you won’t fall into the trap of thinking you failed again which will impact your confidence and self-esteem and keep you stuck for longer…
Do yourself a favour, don’t be cheap on yourself going for a cheap quick fix that don’t last just because it fits your budget… The most incredible shifts, progress and results I ever had personally were precisely when I invested way above what my mind thought I should…
In fact, most successful people did👑.

As humans we have a tendency to dismiss the needs of our soul and our heart to the favour of our “monkey” mind.
You choose who you listen to beautiful💞