Maya lost 8 Kilos in 4 weeks😱😮😲
I am really impressed by my badass of clients, seriously!

I am NOT praising anyone for quick weight loss results because to me the pace it happens at is not that relevant and her results are pretty exceptional in fact.

What is crucial in my view is to identify and tackle the root cause. Nope, we did not do drastic dietary changes, just healthy lifestyle and dietary tweaks. We spent more time WORKING ON VISION, CLARITY AND MINDSET. All of those leading to less stress (and negative impact on hormones &immune system), more control, more healthy choices and excitement about life and future projects.

And WHO DOES SHE NEED TO BECOME to reach and stay at the weight she is comfortable at?

Read her own word HERE

Most often, at least for the clients coming to me, weight gain & other physical symptoms are the results of mindset or emotional related experiences and life(style) choices. It is often associated with body image and confidence issues, binging or cravings, disconnect between who they truly are (soul alignment) and who they (think they should) show up as (mind-led), limiting beliefs, fear of people’s opinion, the lack of self-love, negative emotions, destructive programmes running in their mind that don’t serve them for instance

Losing weight is not the most difficult though, sustaining it when there are bumps on the road and unsettling periods in life, and managing the plateau periods, is the real test AND COMMITMENT🙌🙏

And that’s what I LOVE HELPING ME CLIENTS WITH. If you’d like the same transformation, apply to work with me HERE and chat soon