How to Balance Your Chakras for Mental & Physical Wellbeing (Energy centers)

Our Bodies have the ability to heal mentally and physically, is that not MAGICAL?

With our lives being so busy how often do we stop to appreciate our internal energy, innate healing and lifeforce?

If we get a paper cut, it magically heals without us ‘doing’ anything. Most of us just take this for granted, BUT, it is actually magical

For some, it is God, for others it may be universal energy, prajna or chi. Whatever we may call it, we all need this innate energy to swirl in and out and through our bodies to maintain balance and wellbeing.

Chakra means “Wheel”

Our energy is made up of different levels with central energy centers called Chakras. The Chakras are located from the top of our heads to the bottom of our torso. There are 7 main chakras, however, there are also minor chakras at every joint.

These internal and external energies are interconnected and support each other to maintain balance within our physical body. If something is out of sync in the physical then it affects the energy body too and vice-versa. This includes our emotions and hormonal balance.

Our Chakras and energy body also affect our organs. For instance, one of the reasons heart disease is the number 1 killer may be because of the love-less attitude of mankind to mankind (so much hatred in the world right now). We can balance our heart chakras with love, understanding and kindness.

7 Main Chakras

7th Chakra – Crown

Connected to spirituality, pineal gland (light sensitive, body clock sleep and libido) also connected to the central nervous system. Personal identification with infinite.

6th Chakra – Third eye

: Connected to the hypothalamus (the part of your brain that secretes hormones into the pituitary gland), pituitary gland (it tells the adrenal glands what to do), growth hormones and metabolism. The 6th Chakra is also related to our autonomic nervous system and our intuitive inner vision.

5th Chakra -Throat

Connected to our Lymphatic system (which helps to feed and clean our cells), respiratory function and thyroid gland (which governs metabolism, weight control and heat thermostat) the 5th Chakra is connected to our ability to verbalise and express ourselves.

4th Chakra – Heart :

Connected to our physical heart, our circulation and thymus gland (which governs our immune system) The 5th Chakra is connected to our ability to express love to self and balance inner harmony.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus :

Connected to our digestive system and adrenal glands (which provide us with our fight or flight reactions to stress). The 3rd Chakra is connected to our vitality and personal power

2nd Chakra – Sacral/spleen :

Connected to our sacrum, urinary system and spleen (which filters the blood and recycles our blood cells) The 2nd chakra is connected to nature, emotion and our sexuality

1st Chakra – Root :

Connected to our reproductive organs and gonads. The 1st Chakra is connected to our energy levels, creativity and grounding.

Balancing the Chakras is key to physical health

Within kinesiology balancing the chakras is something that we feel is key to all kinds of symptoms. Having our chakras balanced can be a big deal in our energetical and physical health.

How can we balance the Chakras?

One effective way is to lie down quietly and hold one hand about 2 inches (5cms) above and over the crown chakra and then hover the other hand over the other chakras one at a time.

You may feel, heat, tingling, pulsing, a coolness or no sensation at all, but continue to hover there until you take a nice sigh or you feel a difference, then move onto the next chakra all the way down to the root.

​​​​​​​When you have done this with them all, you will have balanced your energies. However, sometimes you can relax more if someone else does this for you so you may like to swap with a friend or family member.