Put that coffee down & try these 5 tips to get your energy back and kill those cravings!

Do you find yourself fighting the urge for a snooze come4pm? Perhaps you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen having forgotten what you were doing and reaching for sugar or coffee (or both!) just to get through the afternoon? Do you rush through the day skipping meals and overeating at night when your stress levels are coming down? Do you have cravings after meals?

I hear you!

Put that coffee down & try these 5 tips to get your energy back and kill those cravings:

1. Balance your Blood Sugar Levels
Carbohydrate-rich meals/snacks on their own will cause highs & lows in your energy. Get off the rollercoaster by choosing ‘real’ (unprocessed) food making sure you eat good quality protein and where possible some healthy fats with each meal/snack – for example, avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut, hummus (made with olive oil only), bean dip, sustainable fish, eggs & pasture-fed and organic meats.
So if you like having a fruit forsnack, always eat it with a few nuts or almond yogurt.

2. Stay Hydrated
Your body needs at least 1.5L of water to perform its functions so that’s the strict minimum you need to drink a day. Plus when you exercise and /or drink caffeinated products you need to drink even more to compensate! Sounds obvious I know but even mild dehydration can cause fatigue. Sip often (preferably filtered water) throughout the day. Keep a BPA Free or Glass bottle at your desk to remind you whilst working or set up reminders on your phone. Herbal teas count towards your daily intake – another easy one to sneak in is the big glass of water (ideally with fresh lemon) first thing in the morning.

3. Plan your healthy snacks like a boss
Eating a mid-afternoon snack containing healthy fats & proteins will stabilise your blood sugar, keep you full for longer thus provide a steady energy release rather than the highs & lows that sugar and coffee create (your worstennemies if you’re stressed, anxious and unhappy with your waist line!). For example, Protein balls made from sweet potato/avo/tiny bit of dates, desiccated coconut, nuts, coconut oil and raw cacao are a great option. Make a double batch & keep some in the fridge & freezer.

4. Get Enough Quality Sleep
We need about 8 hours deep sleep a night and no super-food, magic pill or double-shot coffee is going to change that! Both the amount & quality of our sleep are critical to our energy levels AND so much more. Soprioritise your sleep (starting tonight:-) and start off fresh and energised tomorrow! Avoid screens 1-2 hours before bed as the light they emit interferes with melatonin production – your primary sleep hormone that helps you fall asleep & stay asleep. Read more tips on How to Optimise your Sleep Here.

5. Move!
Get up and take a 10-min walk (outside if possible, even around the block!). If you work at a desk,
add on shoulder movements and a good stretch as this will greatly help with tension release. Movement increases blood circulation which means more oxygen needed for energy will be transported around your body plus the fresh air & natural light will also rejuvenate you. Not to mention supercharge your productivity and your serotonin levels (the “feel good” hormone, 80-90% of which is produced in your gut). Win-Win!

IMPORTANT: Are you still experiencing cravings & energy dips after that?
If so then it might be you are under-eating at breakfast, not eating enough complex carbs for lunch, over-eating especiallygluten based products, stressed and emotionally-eating, have vitamins & mineral deficiencies (quite possible if you are vegan) or you have some kind of hormonal imbalance or all of them (!) which lots of my clients did not fully realise until they start working with me. So if that is your case, you are not alone – reach out HERE and we can have a chat.